We strive to be the most inspiring team for you and, your company's "Back Office". 

We never settle with bookkeeping.

We provide business management services. 

We never settle with regular audit and tax services. We provide strategic audit and tax services.

We strive to provide services that reaches far beyond your traditional accounting concept. We will change your idea about “ACCOUNTING”.

Our goal is to see one more person, one more company that succeeds in the US and worldwide.


Accounting should never be just “bookkeeping”, but it should be strategic and drive the company forward.

We don’t just provide another bookkeeping services; We provide “business management” services.

We don’t just provide another audit or tax services;

We provide “Strategic Audit and Tax Services”.


We look forward, while others look back.


We are not just accountants. We are TOPC Potentia.

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