Income Tax Compliance, Strategic Tax Planning, and Provision Assistance Services

Tax reporting requirements in the United States can be complex and burdensome to taxpayers. In addition to federal income tax filing, there are specific requirements imposed by states in which our clients operate. We assist in individual, partnership and corporate income tax filing compliance. But our service does not end there. As one of the top accounting firms in Los Angeles, TOPC is continually reaching above the traditional tax scope to create innovative solutions for our clients.

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Corporation and Partnership Income Tax Returns

Companies are facing increased government scrutiny and complex, global reporting requirements with limited resources. TOPC Potentia can provide the following services:

  • Preparation and review of federal corporate and partnership income tax returns

  • Preparation and review of state corporate and partnership income tax returns

  • Assistance with calculating federal and state estimated income tax payments

  • U.S. income tax return and information reporting for foreign business entities

  • Preparation of state and local franchise, sales and use,  and property tax returns

  • Assistance with state nexus tax study


Individual Income Tax Returns

TOPC Potentia provides services in preparing federal income tax return and state tax returns throughout the U.S. TOPC's tax strategies are tailored to a variety of foreign nationals working in the US. 

With having so many major leaguers chosen us for their individual tax services, why not you? 

Depending on the timing of arrival and departure, foreign nationals must consider the U.S. income tax filing status. We can assist you in determining which of the following income tax filing status, full-year, dual-status, or nonresident income tax return, is beneficial for you.


Tax Authority Examination Support Services

Tax audits and examinations can often be intimidating and overwhelming to handle by yourself. The IRS will request massive amounts of documentation from you that you may not have. We will help you gather and sort your information. We can represent you in your best interest and save you the anguish of enduring the long, tedious, and costly tax examination process.