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2022.08 Dai Takano Profile for Web.jpg

Daisuke Takano

CEO, CPA, Partner


Tatsuya Ochiai

CPA, Partner

For over 20 years , we have provided a variety of auditing, due diligence, tax services and business management services to listed and unlisted companies in the United States with international operations.

In addition to general accounting-related work, he directs the provision and development of cloud accounting services tailored to the company.

He has been a partner of Arthur Andersen (Japan Business Practices) in Los Angeles and Azusa Audit Corporation in Tokyo, and has been involved in audit work in both the United States and Japan for over 30 years.

It provides consulting services to Japanese multinational companies operating in the United States .




Noriyoshi Tachibana founded Tachibana Accounting Office in 1999. Later joined Tatsuya Ochiai.

Ochiai became CEO in 2005.

​ Daisuke Takano became independent in 2007. Merged Tachibana Ochiai Accounting Office in 2009.

Takano became CEO in 2016.

In 2017, the office name was changed to TOPC Potentia PC with the mission of "strengthening people and the company". Potentia is a Latin word meaning Empower, growth.

​ Under the direction of Takano, he continues to grow and develop with the aim of becoming the world's most desirable accounting firm by proposing work styles that have never been seen before.

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